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Earthtrack was presented with a problem where lighting in remote outback areas was limited causing the area to be dangerous and hazardous to persons. Previous attempts to install standard Solar lighting poles were fruitless and the lights never charged properly. This was due to dust, debris and build-up on the solar panels, preventing the lights from charging. Cleaning these was an issue as they were required to acquire height access equipment to clean these panels. 


Earthtrack came up with an innovative idea which was the new revolutionary XTREME Solarpole. These were able to provide a lighting solution to remote areas with no power readily available. Studies of lighting patterns showed that one pole alone was enough to provide a safe work environment where there were machines and persons were able to walk safely to and from vehicles and machinery.


These poles are designed and assembled in Australia and feature the very latest in solar and LED technology. Earthtrack invented a system where a pole was retractable via a hydraulic system attached to the base of the pole and could be tilted to enable easy access for repairs, maintenance and cleaning of the solar panels.

Previously installation of the fixed poles was an issue considering that they had to be fixed to the ground and required hot-work permits etc. Earthtrack was able to pre-construct the majority of the XTREME Solarpole in-house and then ship the components ready for installation.

Earthtrack and BHP Billiton were able to work together to come up with a suitable design that would withstand the harshness of the Australian Pilbara region. From the innovative cyclone rated concrete mounting block to the latest in LED lighting, we were able to provide guaranteed lighting in remote places where previously this wasn’t possible.  


We are proud to have worked with BHP Billiton, Citic Pacific, Rio Tinto, Dynamic Engineering, and other specialist technicians. 

We have to date provided ingenious lighting to the following sites.

  • Brockman 4 TOM PRICE WA - Train load out driver change over area

  • Brockman  4 – TOM PRICE WA - Lay down yard for warehouse overflow storage area

  • BHP Billiton – Yandi Mine site NEWMAN WA –Train driver switch area

  • Western Turner Mine Site – TOM PRICE WA – Admin Carpark area

  • BHP Billiton – Boodarie mine site  PORT HEDLAND  WA – Port railway line crossovers

  • BHP Billiton – Nickel West Mine Site KALGOORLIE  WA – Railway Line Crossing area

  • CITIC PACIFIC – Sino Iron Mine Site – Karratha WA – Carpark area

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